Sutton Parish Council are going to hold virtual meetings because of the ongoing Covid-19 crisis. The meetings will be in line with Government guidance and legislation. 
The purpose of the meeting is to conduct Council business during a period when the Parish Council is unable to meet in person and accommodate a public gallery. The purpose of this Notice is to advise the public of how their data will be used. 
The Parish Council is using virtual meetings to allow members of the Council to undertake their role as decision makers and to allow members of the public the opportunity to observe the meeting and, if desired, to contribute to the meeting during the period of public participation. Members of the public joining the virtual meetings will have their name (shown as registered on their own device) and their image (if they select the video function) displayed to all participants of the meeting, including other members of the public. 
The meeting will not be subject to video or audio recording by the Parish Council. The attendees of the meeting will be recorded in the written minutes to only include members of the Parish Council and the Clerk. Members of the public who wish to speak during the period of public participation will only have their names recorded if they consent (separately during the meeting) to this detail being included in the written minutes. The personal information contained within this consent form will only be used for the purpose of recording your consent for the express purpose of displaying your name and image data during Parish Council meetings and will be deleted when the Parish Council no longer has a legitimate purpose retention of this data. 
While Sutton Parish Council will not retain any audio or visual records of the meeting beyond that described above, you should be aware of the public rights to film, photograph and audio record Council Meetings. Any member of the public undertaking recording of a meeting must comply with their personal responsibility to act within the law including the Human Rights Act, the Data Protection Act 2018 and GDPR and the laws of libel and defamation. 
Your Rights as a Participant: 
Following the giving of consent, you have the right to observe the operation of Parish Council meetings, to determine if you wish your image to be displayed and of the name that will be displayed to other participants of the meeting. You will also have the right to speak subject to an appropriate agenda item and under the guidance and discretion of the Chairman. 
Access to meetings: 
Sutton Parish Council will issue a meeting ID code and password to members of the public who sign a consent form allowing the Parish Council to display their name and or image as part of a virtual meeting of the Council. Only members of the public who have given consent will be admitted to the meeting. When in the waiting room prior to being admitted to the meeting the public will be advised that their data will be on display and that by entering the meeting they are giving consent. 
If you have any questions read regarding this Notice please contact the Parish Council Clerk. 
June 2020 
Date to Review: June 2021 
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